Discovering Salento

Dear Friends,

a new, exciting adventure is about to begin ...

Nenà al Borgo Castello will take you to explore the secret places and the beauties of one of the most beautiful lands in Italy.

Our Italy Culinary Grand Tour starts from Pico, located in Ciociaria, in the roman countryside. You will stay in our Albergo Diffuso,inside the historic center of the medieval village of Pico, which joined the prestigious club "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy".

From here, your itinerant holiday will continue with Carlo and Francesca, who will take you to Southern Italy… Discovering Salento!

A journey traveling, through History, Art, Culture, Sea, Earth, through the Great Tastes of the ancient Salento Gastronomic Tradition, tasting dishes and wines of the highest quality, known and appreciated all over the world. Follow us ... you will be fascinated ...

Our offer may include:

  • luxury accomodations
  • cooking classes , discovering the Treasures and the Great Tastes of Italian Cuisine.
  • culinary tours, for Italian food & wine lovers
  • taylor made tours and itineraries, to enjoy your vacation and visit your favorite place with efficiency and flexibility.
  • historical and foodie experiences

We are flexible and oriented on your needs and preferences. Your desires are our drivers and we are ready to organize tailored made tours based on your demands: lenght of stay, city or seaside, one or more regions.

“Travelling is like the wind that takes you where you want it if you know how to follow it, pushing you forward if you know how to juggle it, and it can lead you to lose the way but also let you discover remote places that you would not believe existed. Travelling is like salt, it’s like spices, it changes the taste of everything you touch, leaves you scents and fragrances entangled in your heart. Travelling is like love. A grace, a flight, smething you can not foresee”

(Rula Jebreal)

Italy Culinary Grand Tour

Story, Mission, Philosophy

Pass on our Traditions and the Culture of Hospitality, teaching our guests what our women have done for generations.

Carlo Born from the meeting of two professionals: Carlo Spada, with a long experience as manager of food & wine marketing and creator of the Albergo Diffuso and Cooking School Nenà al Borgo Castello, and Francesca Cervinara, Professional Personal Chef, who together have decided to combine their passion for hospitality and love for Italian cuisine in an "on the road" travel story, to discover the Great Treasures and Tastes of Italy aimed at making people know and appreciate, in particular, the beauties of Lazio and the Roman countryside, together with those of Lecce, Salento and Puglia.

Building on the success enjoyed by Carlo with his "creature" Nenà at Borgo Castello since 2005, inspired by the common desire to share new experiences with travelers who love Italian Style, we organize Culinary Tours for Italian Food Lover’s, to combine the pleasure of good food and the knowledge of the area : Cuisine and Culture Territory, together.

Our cooking classes, tourist excursions and culinary tours, are "tailor-made" for singles, a couple, a small group.

From the enchanting medieval village of Pico, we decided to broaden the horizons of our travel itineraries, enriching them with Francesca's great passion for cooking and the experience in creating "ad hoc foods", born to satisfy the needs and desires of the more refined palates, together with the constant search for local products.

In Carlo, a great traveler and a profound connoisseur of the Secret Places of Real Italy, the Culture of Hospitality and love for good food and for Italian culinary excellence, have found the perfect symbiosis.

Francesca Chef Francesca is originally from Lecce, she is a member of the prestigious  Italian Professional Personal Chef Federation. Francesca  is an incredibly talented Chef! Her cuisine has three souls: Salento, Roman and Ciociaria.

In Francesca, Salento blood is mixed with the great Roman and Latium gastronomic experience acquired over the course of twenty years of life in Rome, with the result of making traditional recipes unique and original, revisited and re-proposed respecting the styles of nutrition of our days.

Our philosophy is based on the improvement of your knowledge of wines, olive oil and food during your cooking and tasting holidays hand by hand with your personal chef Francesca and your tutor Carlo.

Follow us... you will be fascinated...

A warm welcome
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