Full-day Excursions

To discover Secret Places. Not for everyone, but "only for a chosen few"

During your stay, we will take you to discover "secret places" where big organized tours do not arrive. Authentic Treasures of History, Art, Culture, Nature, who belong to the immense Italian heritage, in short, authentic "goodies". The sights of Ciociaria are represented not only by natural landscapes, but also by so many beautiful historic towns as Anagni, the town of Popes, Alatri, famous for its huge cyclopean walls, Arpino, the birthplace of Cicero, Aquino, birthplace of Saint Thomas, the ancient city of Veroli, located on the Ernici mountains, the town of Isola del Liri, famous for its waterfalls, Piglio, ancient ernic city now known as the land of Cesanese Wine (wine tour with food tasting). Or by the small medieval villages as Pico, ancient castles as Fumone and Monte San Giovanni Campano and much more interesting countryside to discover...

You choose and discover these gems of Ciociaria or others famous places in Lazio and Campania according to your specific interests. Start from Pico, after breakfast, and return in the late afternoon before dinner.

  • Lunch and visits to museums, included.
  • English speaking guide.
  • Car with driver.

Gems of Ciociaria

  • Anagni, Piglio, Alatri
  • Gaeta, Sperlonga, Grotta di Tiberio and Roman Museum
  • Veroli, Casamari, Isola del Liri and Arpino
  • Montecassino, Archeological Area of Casinum, Grotte di Pastena
  • Fondi, San Magno Abbey
  • Atina, Alvito, Nature Reserve Lake of Posta Fibreno
  • and many others...

The most famous places in Lazio and Campania

  • Pompei Ruins - visit to the lab for processing corals - Positano
  • Tour Sorrento - Positano - Amalfi
  • The Royal Palace of Caserta - Pompei Ruins
  • Naples tour
  • Rome tour
  • Roman Castles tour
  • Montecassino Abbey and the Second World War - Pastena Caves
  • Tour South Latium : Fossanova Abbey - Sermoneta - Cori - Castel Romano Outlet
  • Other Tailored Tours to choose with you
/img/tours-full-day-excursions/Caserta, the Royal Palace.jpg
Caserta, the Royal Palace
/img/tours-full-day-excursions/The Pastena Caves.jpg
The Pastena Caves
/img/tours-full-day-excursions/Fondi, the Castle.jpg
Fondi, the Castle
/img/tours-full-day-excursions/Montecassino Abbey.jpg
Montecassino Abbey
/img/tours-full-day-excursions/Fondi, Castello Baronale.jpg
Fondi, Castello Baronale
/img/tours-full-day-excursions/Lake of Posta Fibreno.jpg
Lake of Posta Fibreno
/img/tours-full-day-excursions/Sperlonga, Archaeological Museum.jpg
Sperlonga, Archaeological Museum
/img/tours-full-day-excursions/Pompei, Temple of Jupiter.jpg
Pompei, Temple of Jupiter
/img/tours-full-day-excursions/Alatri, Acropolis.jpg
Alatri, Acropolis
/img/tours-full-day-excursions/Casamari Abbey.jpg
Casamari Abbey
/img/tours-full-day-excursions/Sperlonga, Villa of Tiberius.jpg
Sperlonga, Villa of Tiberius
/img/tours-full-day-excursions/Gaeta, the Castle.jpg
Gaeta, the Castle
/img/tours-full-day-excursions/Isola del Liri.jpg
Isola del Liri
/img/tours-full-day-excursions/Gaeta, Cave of Turks.jpg
Gaeta, Cave of Turks
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