Nenà Cooking School

Discover the flavours of Real Italy in this small oasis of peace and tranquility, far from the chaos, where you will not find mass tourism. We will teach you the best of the Italian cuisine, the secret of the Mediterranean diet, with a special focus on the traditions of the Ciociaria and Rome cuisine, famous in the world, simple but genuine.

Longevity and simple, genuine, healthy food style

  • Here we are in the land of longevity, and here the way of cooking plays a decisive role in the life and health of people. With our italian chefs you will learn many recipes that you can easily cook at home.
  • We will teach you to recognize the quality and freshness of the ingredients used in the recipes.
  • A full immersion that will introduce you to a simple and healthy food lifestyle.
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Dishes of Tradition: Ciociaria, Roma and Lazio cuisine

In addition to accommodation, you can also eat in our restaurant La Taverna and enjoy the excellent and genuine cuisine of Nenà. Our Chefs propose, according to the seasons, always different menus, drawn from the Ciociaria and Lazio gastronomic tradition.

The flavors of the cuisine we propose arise from the genuine and natural antique traditions of rural life ....

Our Chefs propose, according to the seasons, always different menus, drawn from the Ciociaria and Lazio gastronomic tradition.

The homemade fettucine and gnocchi, seasoned with mushrooms from our woods or wild asparagus, sagnette e fagioli, peasant soups, made with tasty field vegetables, polenta with sausages, dishes based on lamb and pork.

You can not miss the dishes of regional Roma and Lazio cuisine, such as amatriciana, carbonara, cacio e pepe, saltimbocca alla romana ....And many other tasty recipes from Nenà.

Wine Tasting and Typical Local Products

You can taste the delicious Marzoline, goat's milk cheese grazing in the wild, the freshly made ricotta, the fresh buffalo mozzarella or the tasty sausages, the extra-virgin olive oil of our production and the many other specialties of the rural tradition of Ciociara.

For lovers of good drink and local products, both land and sea, we organize themed dinners with wine tastings led by expert Sommeliers, who will accompany you to know and appreciate the wines of our lands, expertly paired with dishes and recipes of tradition.

Le Delizie di Nenà, like the extra-virgin olive oil of our production, jams, homemade liqueurs, honey and other specialties, can be purchased here or we can send them directly to your home.

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The Menu of the Day
Our formula includes The Menu of the Day, agreed daily with the cooks, which includes seasonal recipes, prepared with fresh ingredients from the area we buy from our local Zero-kilometer suppliers.
Therefore we do not offer a la carte menu, but a rich fixed menu.
Dinner is by reservation only and we ask our guests to let us know in advance if they can eat any food or if they have some specific food intolerance.

Tasting Menu , € 35
The Specialties of Nenà (cured meats, mix of cheeses accompanied by our jams, olives, bruschetta with our extra-virgin olive oil) and a first course.
Star Menu , € 50
Meat Menu

Appetizer of the house, first course, second course with vegetables, dessert, Elisir of Nenà (liqueur of our production).

Deluxe Menu, € 60
Seafood Menu

Appetizer of the house, first course, second course with vegetables, dessert, Elisir of Nenà (liqueur of our production).

Children's Menu , € 25
A first course and a second course
Wines and beverages
Drinks, wines and liqueurs are not included in the quoted price.




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Extra-virgin olive oil

From our olive trees we produce an extra-virgin olive oil of exceptional quality every year. This is the oil that we use for cooking, that our guests can purchase at the hotel, produced by means of cold pressing.

What is the extra-virgin olive oil and what makes it valuable?

"Extra Virgin Olive Oil" is obtained from the first cold pressing of olives, without chemicals. Only Italian olives, fresh, top quality, picked and pressed. The oil must have an acidity level of less than 1%.

Homemade jams

From the fruit trees grown on our land we also derive the fruits with which we produce homemade jams (figs, mulberries, plums, lemons, tangerines, oranges, quince, prickly figs).

Homemade liqueurs

But that is not all. It is on this land that we pick the lemons to produce an excellent Limoncello, the wild myrtle berries to produce Mirto, the black cherry leaves with which we produce an exquisite Elisir, the bay leaves to produce a fragrant Laurino, walnuts to produce the bitter natural par excellence, Nocino. After dinner, our guests really like tasting our homemade liqueurs , according to old jealously guarded recipes handed down from our grandmothers.

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