Culinary Tours

For Lovers of Italy and Italian Food

During your stay, our trip Discovering the flavours of Ciociaria, Products and Recipes of Tradition will introduce you to some of the food excellencies of our territory, that you can actually taste. We will take you into the wine cellars among the barrels to taste high quality wines, into the olive oil mills to taste the extra-virgin olive oils, to small farms where they produce buffalo mozzarella, ricotta, fresh cheeses, cured meats, truffles.

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Culinary Tours that you can choose among:

  • Wine Tours. Euro 30 per person. Visit prestigious cellars, where experts of the Houses tell the company's story, the methods of production of wines and talk about the "Art of Wine" and the "secrets" to produce a great wine! Into the wine cellars among the barrels, enjoy a tasting of high quality local wines served with delicious local produce.
  • Buffalo mozzarella, Ricotta and Cheeses. Euro 15 per person. Visit to a farm that produces buffalo mozzarella, ricotta and cheeses.The owner will tell and show you how to produce mozzarella. Tasting of products and possibility to eat cheeses and freshly made products!
  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. Euro 15 per person. Visit to a traditional olive oil mill, in Italian "Frantoio", where the owner will explain and show us the Oil process. Lunch in the Frantoio and tasting of the Extra-Virgin Olive oil, along with other delicious organic products produced by the Farm.
  • Cured Meats, in Italian "Salumi". Euro 25 per person. Visit to a farm that produces sausages, bacon, ham, salami, and other specialities. Ax expert will tells us about the meat processing methods and their seasoning. Tasting of products.
  • Truffles of the Val di Comino. Euro 60 per person. Truffles that are harvested in the Val di Comino are of the highest quality. The use of truffles in the gastronomy is very wide: from the simple seasoning used for fettuccine and other fresh pastas, sauces (which are also already prepared) to flavor crostini and dishes, sweets made of the precious tuberous fungus. A savory taste of these dishes with truffles is a taste experience not to be missed!
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