Welcome to Nenà al Borgo Castello, Albergo Diffuso, located in Ciociaria, in the roman countryside. We are in the historic center of the medieval village of Pico, which joined the prestigious club "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy".

Being the guests of our Albergo Diffuso means having the privilege of truly immerse yourself in the life of the village, to savor its daily life, not just a tourist passing through, but as "one of us".

Dimora Nenà

Is the main Residence. Built on the medieval city walls, the country house maintains its historic feeling with its original floors and wood ceilings to rediscover the charm of tradition. The antique furnishings and decorations bring back the time honored sensation of a warm welcome and hospitality. The rooms, furnished with care and with antiques, overlooking the picturesque alleys of the Village and enjoy a panoramic view over the green hills of Natural Park of Aurunci Mountains.

Residenza Via Landolfi

This house, built between 1300 and 1400, is located in front of the "Dimora Nenà", in the street dedicated to the great writer Tommaso Landolfi, whose birthplace is located a few meters away. For this reason, the names of the rooms evoke some of the most famous novels written by Landolfi.

We at Nenà

Story, Mission, Philosophy

Pass on our Traditions and the Culture of Hospitality, teaching our guests what our women have done for generations.

Mamma e papà My name is Carlo Spada, I was born in Rome, when my parents moved from Pico to live in "the best city in the World". But Pico and Ciociaria have always remained in my heart... with beautiful indelible memories of this wonderful land... My grandparents were all from Pico, and my great-grandparents owned one of the most famous Guest-House, in those times. Then in 1944 a bomb raid destroyed the beautiful family inn... But my grandmother and my mother had a great passion for cooking, hospitality, caring for people... Which they have also passed on to me.

My mother's name was Antonietta, but my father affectionately called her "Nenà". That's why I gave the name "Nenà" to my Albergo Diffuso. t was the most sincere, loving and appreciative way to thank my mother, and all the other Women of the family , who taught me the pleasure of Cooking, the respect for Traditions that need to be passed down, generation after generation, to never forget the fundamental Values of life.

Donne ciociare After receiving my degree in Economics, I achieved a long, beautiful, unforgettable and enviable professional life, with a specialization in the Marketing of food and wines. I was a successful Manager. Twelve years ago, I carried out my dream: I started my "third life" and I could finally dedicate myself to my passion of a lifetime on a full time basis: the love of Cooking, the Culture of Hospitality, my Italian Cooking School. I am here today with this passion that I love to transmit to many people. When they come to Nenà they are clients, but when they leave they are true Friends, for life.

This is my Mission, this is my Philosophy.

Good life to all of you.

Carlo's Signature

A warm welcome
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